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Important issues for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors in the Ontario provincial election 2022

The Senior Pride Network Toronto and other members of Ontario Senior Pride have identified key issues for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors in the Ontario provincial election 2022 and specific calls to action for the next Ontario government. We urge you to raise these issues and calls to action with your local candidates for election when they are canvassing for votes, at election candidate meetings, and in letters, emails or other communications with candidates. Ask them whether their party election platforms specifically address issues important to 2SLGBTQI+ seniors and whether they and their party support our specific calls to action.

Overall: Ensure that 2SLGBTQI+ inclusivity and respect for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors are integrated into the development and delivery of policies, programs and services for seniors within a human rights and equity framework.

Ontario Seniors Strategy: Specific inclusion of service and care needs of 2SLGBTQI+ seniors as a priority within Ontario’s seniors strategy. In particular, specific acknowledgement of the under-representation and under-serving of Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Black and People of Colour (IQTBPOC) communities with priority given to addressing their service and care needs and to ensuring their direct consultation and involvement in the development of policies, programs and services.

Direct funding of services for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors: Provincial ministries and bodies providing funding for healthcare, for assisted living and residential/long-term care and for social-service delivery must establish standards of appropriate and equitable distribution of funding that include providing direct funding to agencies and organizations serving 2SLGBTQI+ seniors.

Home care: There is a need for substantial investments in home care to facilitate aging in place given the high percentage of people including 2SLGBTQI+ seniors who wish to avoid any form of congregate or assisted living for as long as possible. Lack of adequate home care options necessitate LTC and reduced flexibility and autonomy for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors.

Long-term care: Implementing the recommendations of the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission with particular priority to educating staff, families and residents to be more inclusive and respectful of 2SLGBTQI+ seniors.

Housing: The Ontario government must provide for affordable, accessible housing, in respectful, welcoming and safe environments, for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors including accommodation in seniors housing, assisted care, residential care and long-term care homes.

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