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What We Do

The Senior Pride Network Toronto:

  • Works with governments at all levels to affect change in legislation, regulations and public policy.

  • Engages in public education and advocacy to create awareness about 2SLGBTQI+ elders, seniors, and older people and promote social change.

  • Conducts education and provides resource materials for service providers, government agencies, and community organizations.  

We believe in and advocate for the right to be 2SLGBTQI+ elders, seniors, and older persons, and to access programs and services that are responsive to and designed for our needs.

The Network engages in:


  • Educating groups, individuals and organizations about the network and its activities

  • Raising awareness of the issues faced by 2SLGBTQI+, elders, seniors and older persons in Toronto and beyond


  • Sharing information and ideas among members to promote increased knowledge and coordination of services, partnerships and program development

  • Inviting participation in the network and its activities


  • Advocating with various levels of government and funding bodies regarding the needs and issues faced by older 2SLGBTQI+ people

  • Promoting healthy public policy and the provision of funding of appropriate services and programs


  • Projects related to its goals, e.g. research, needs assessment, resource development, program development or service provision.

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